wimtrap: an R package for integrative prediction of the binding sites of plant transcription factors

Purposes of the package

Wimtrap is an R package for the prediction of Transcription Factors Binding Sites (TFBS) and corresponding genes targets. It is particularly convenient to preselect candidates targets of TFs of the plant-model Arabidopsis thaliana in specific contexts (organs, growth stages, treatments), through the implementation of a ready-to-use model that improves the accuracy of the predictions of TFs in comparison with the popular method that consists to only apply a pattern-matching analysis. The approach, that takes into account epigentic data, can be generalized to any organism.

Download wimtrap

The package can be downloaded at the following links:

Install and use wimtrap

Please follow the user guide to install and use wimtrap. For more details, you can refer to the manual.


Quentin Rivière, Massimiliano Corso, Nathalie Verbruggen and Matthieu Defrance (2019).